Born in Russia, Masha “MouseBones” Vereshchenko moved to Detroit at the age of 12 with her mother. She is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist who is heavily influenced from the drag and club kid scene that she calls home. Her previous work, mainly paintings, was her way overcoming the hardships of life she had endured and combined a dream-like quality of work, childhood influences, and an intimate darkness to relay the emotions of her own experiences. From this she has been represented by 19 Karen Gallery, had numerous local, national, and international shows in the US, UK, Australia, modeled in Italian Vogue with Suzanne Bartsch,  and been featured in numerous publications including Pittsburgh Moto Magazine, Pittsburgh City Paper, Unicorn Mountain, Equal Magazine, Catapult Magazine, and more. 

Today,  Masha has turned her artistic focus to Electric Cat, her jewelry brand that is heavily inspired by her club kid and drag scene roots. Her bright colors, statement designs, and bold finishes, aim to be the perfect accessory for any standout look while making a statement that it is good to be proud of who you are. Starting with a few molds and a bottle of resin, Vereshchenko has grown her business from the ground up through the use of a laser cutter, membership at Protohaven, participating in local arts markets, features in several publications, being a winner at the Ecolution Fashion Show, and having a display at Boheme, and worn by many fabulous drag performers. Read more in the Pittsburgh City Paper